Catherine Aurelia CaouetteThe Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood are the first contemplative community founded in Canada. With the guidance and cooperation of Bishop Joseph LaRocque of St.-Hyacinthe, Quebec, the foundress, Catherine Aurelia Caouette, began her work in his diocese on September 14th, 1861.

Catherine Aurelia entered deeply into the Paschal mystery. Contemplation of the infinite love of God expressed in Christ’s passion and death brought her to a unique appreciation of His Precious Blood. The Blood of the Saviour, symbolizing his love and his triumph through suffering, became the source of her spirituality. She saw in the manner of its shedding, a sign of his love unappreciated and the gift of salvation rejected by many.   Bishop LaRocque

The little community spread rapidly, and the first foundation was made in Toronto, Ontario, in 1869. The
English-speaking Congregation's Motherhouse is located in London, Ontario. The French-speaking Congregation's Motherhouse was located in St.-Hyacinthe, Quebec, until October 2011, at which time the Sisters obtained permission from Rome to change from a Congregation to an autonomous monastery.

            Part I - The Life and Legacy of Mother Catherine Aurelia Caouette


        Part II - The Life and Legacy of Mother Catherine Aurelia Caouette



PB Sisters First Monastery
The home of the Caouette Family, birth home of Mother Catherine Aurelia and first Monastery of the Sisters.

 PB Sisters Monastery
The Caouette Home today.

PB SIsters 2nd MOnastery
The "White House" second monastery of the Sisters.

Chapel - St. Hyacinthe QC
 Interior Chapel of the St. Hyacinthe Monastery