Sr. Beatrice Anne Boulton
Celebrating 60th years of Religious Life

Precious Blood Sister anniversary of Religious ProfessionOn March 12th, 2013, I celebrated my Diamond Jubilee of Religious Profession as a Sister Adorer of the Precious Blood.  After sixty years, it seems an apt time to reflect on my vocation.

My family lived in rural Ontario, on a small farm.  I had one sister three years older.  My mother was a teacher.  I was born into a family in which I knew only love and support in living with the physical handicap with which I was born, dwarfism.  My "Daddy" died when I was four months old which changed life for our family.   Mama was strong in her faith and she inspired great confidence in both my sister and me.

I graduated from Grade X11 in 1950 and in September of that same year, I entered the Monastery of the Precious Blood in London, Ontario.  I made Temporary Vows in 1953 and Final Profession in 1956.  The novitiate, which I especially appreciate now with hindsight, was a time for focussing and orientating me to the ways of religious life.

It was a special blessing for me, that early on in religious life, I was taught typing by one of the Sisters.  This prepared me for my life-long work in the Monastery, that of being assigned to our Secretary’s Office.  For our Community this has been a very honoured work all through our history.  In the name of the Community we respond to those sharing their burdens with us and requesting our prayers.  We cannot bear their sufferings, but we can assure them of our prayerful companionship and support.  We respond, encouraging their own faith and assuring them of God’s ever constant concern and care.   Becoming aware of the frustrations and sorrows in the lives of others has helped to keep me rooted in reality.  This ‘apostolate of the pen’ as we have often referred to our assigned work in the Secretary’s Office , a work carried on in the name of the Community, became a very meaningful part of my religioSister of the Precious Blood writing letterus life.  Hopefully, this intimate sharing in the lives of those we consider, through correspondence, our special community friends, has also been an instrument in the Lord’s hands for deepening my relationship with him.

There will always be rough edges of my personality to keep smoothing down.  In all honesty, I can say that my spiritual barometer is better in 2013 than in 1950!!  There are ample means at my disposal to keep it so and as the years pass I am more and more grateful for these: graces received through the daily Liturgy, retreats, conferences, opportunities for spiritual direction, personal prayer-time, companionship both within and outside Community.  God brought new challenges and graces through my transfers to other monasteries across Canada, Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton.  All have been part of my spiritual formation.  The years have passed quickly and joyfully.  I sing my personal Te Deum.

Sister Beatrice Anne Boulton, RPB


Sister Adorer of the Precious Blood working in the Secretray's office.

Precious Blood Sisters celebration

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