Discerning Your Vocation 

Have you ever known God's personal love for you? Have you ever felt drawn  to a life of prayer in community?

How would you know if God is calling you in this way? 
As you reflect on your own life, your values, your deepest desires, your relationship with  God, yourself and others, do you experience in the depth of your heart a desire to give  yourself completely to God, to return him love for love, and to be of service to his people?

Discerning your Vocation
Perhaps you wonder why, where, how . . . many other puzzling questions may come to you.  
"How can I be of service to your people? In what way do you, my God, call me to reach out to others...through marriage, single life, family life, religious life...? To what ministries  am I drawn. . .apostolic activities? a ministry of prayer within contemplative community?"

There are many possible answers to these questions, particularly in today's world. The  need to listen within your own spirit, your own heart, to God's Spirit is of very great importance.


To Know One's Vocation

God of wisdom and love, source of all good, send your Spirit to guide me along my pathway in life. I ask for the grace to know my vocation and to courageously pursue it as I follow Christ in a life of faith and love.

May I generously respond to your call, loving Father, and experience your help especially in time of trial and difficulty.

May all my efforts be directed to the spreading of your kingdom throughout the
world. I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.