Becoming a Precious Blood Sister

The Lord's love expressed in his call, "follow me" leads a woman to the joyful service of God and his Church. The invitation to be a Sister Adorer of the Precious Blood is a call to contemplative life within community.

           Becoming a Precious Blood Sister
Steps in Formation Program


A nine- month to one year period during which the candidate is helped to discover God's plan in her life.
The purpose of Postulancy is to:

  • Foster knowledge of and relationship with Christ,
  • help the young woman discover the plan of God in her life,
  • guide her in the pursuit of self-knowledge, especially in relation to the vocation of a Sister Adorer of the Precious Blood
  • study Christian doctrine and values,
  • experience community living,
  • serve as an immediate preparation for novitiate.

During the Postulancy the candidate wears her own clothing (colored skirts and blouses or dresses).


A two-year period which provides time for the novice to grow in knowledge, understanding and appreciation of religious life in general, and in particular, the contemplative way of life of the Sisters. It is a time of acquiring sufficient human and emotional maturity to make a free and knowing choice of religious life, and immediate preparation for commitment by vows.

Temporary Profession

Temporary profession of simple vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, is an act of total dedication
to God. The Sister makes these vows for two years, then renews them for a period of three years. As a sign of her consecration to the Lord, the full habit of a Sister of the Precious Blood is given. The red scapular is worn as a visible expression of our devotion to the Blood of Jesus and the white dress as devotion to Mary Immaculate. The cross, containing relics of the Saints, is a reminder that we are to be united in spirit with Christ on the cross. The black veil is a sign of our religious consecration. 
  • The Sister with temporary vows lives for a year or more in at least one monastery apart from the formation house. She shares in the work, prayer, joys, sorrows and sacrifices of the community, and participates fully in the life of the Sisters.
  • These years of temporary vows are marked by a continued study of the spirit of the Congregation.

Before final profession, the Sister returns to the formation house for a time of intense spiritual renewal.

Perpetual Profession

The ceremony for Perpetual Profession of Vows is a very sacred 'moment' in the life of a Sister Adorer of the Precious Blood. After approximately 8 years of vocational discernment through the various stages of formation, the Sister makes her free decision in response to God's Call in her heart and life. Through the perpetual profession of vows, she unites herself with Christ Jesus, pledges her total and unconditional love for Him and her life-long dedication to God and his people. By God's grace, her self-gift is renewed daily as she lives her life of prayer, adoration, reparation, love and intercession for the whole Church and all people of our world. As with our Foundress, Mother Catherine Aurelia, the mysterious "Sitio" (I Thirst) of Jesus on the Cross, which has found an echo in her heart, gives the professed Sister the grace and strength needed to minister to others, primarily through her hidden apostolate of prayer, day by day, throughout her life. 

Continuing Formation 

Our growth in Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, continues throughout life. Desiring the realization of God's plan of love for us, we avail ourselves of opportunities for education that will contribute to the development of each person. By the integration of learning into living we become whole persons, whose lives enrich the community and give glory to God. Each community provides a good library, regular individual or communal study time, and takes advantage of local opportunities for continuing education. Regular study, no matter how minimal, is essential for becoming the contemplative Sisters of the Precious Blood God is calling us to be.