A Warm Welcome!


Vocation DirectorI am Sister Carol Forhan, the Vocation Director for the Sisters of the Precious Blood. If you are discerning a Religious Vocation, I want to assure you that it is a very exciting but also a very sacred time in your life. Maybe I can help you?

A "Vocation" is a calling from God, an invitation from the Spirit that requires ATTENTIVE LISTENING and AN ACTIVE RESPONSE

Discerning a call to religious life does not happen overnight. We, the Sisters of the Precious Blood, are willing to help you as you "listen and respond" to God’s call.

We provide opportunities for young women who are just beginning the discernment process to "come and see" what life in the monastery is like and to get to know the Precious Blood Sisters:

- to have a talk with the Vocation Director;
- to come for a few days to live inside the monastery;
- to come for the Community Experience - a two month period - having time for prayer, discernment, monastic work and community living.

One of the thoughts which may be going through your mind is: "I’m not worthy. God would not be calling ME. I am just an ordinary person with no particular gifts that God would need for his service."

Let me tell you - This is exactly the kind of woman that God could be calling! There is an old saying: "God does not call those who are equipped for His service, rather He equips those whom He calls."

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the contemplative way of life of the Sisters of the Precious Blood. You can call me at: 519-473-2499 or e-mail me at: srcforhan@pbsisters.on.ca

God bless you!

Sister Carol Forhan



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