It was February 12, 1955 that I happily made my Profession of Religious Vows - poverty, chastity and obedience. These years have gone by so quickly it is difficult to believe that it is that long ago! This year, 2015, I celebrated my Diamond Jubilee on a Saturday, February 14th.  I like that day.  For me, it was another way of celebrating God’s love in my life and thanking God for the precious gift of a being called to be an Adorer of the Precious Blood.

Sometimes life is spiced with a measure of God-sent delight.  That, I feel is the best way to describe my 60 Jubilee celebration.    I love celebrations and since Sister Annabella loves a good celebration too, the plans rolled on quickly.  Every day for weeks something else was added to the celebration:  Mass, dinner, entertainment and even prize number gifts!

Being the month of February, I knew that my brothers and sisters could not make the long trip with the unpredictable Saskatchewan weather but a niece Linda and her husband Patrick were present as Patrick an RN works in Regina.   Soon the thought came to me to invite our faithful friends, our wider family.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to them and this seemed a wonderful, joyous occasion to involve them in our celebration - and what a celebration it was!

The Mass was so special and I was able to choose my favorite readings and hymns: Jeremiah 31-33; Ps 40, Ephesians 1:3-14 and for the Gospel John 15:9-17.  We sang the Mass of Peace and Joy.  For the Entrance hymn we sang “THE SUMMONS” The Communion Hymn “SUPPER OF THE LORD” and the Recessional hymn: “CENTER OF MY LIFE.”  How I love that hymn!  It is a desire of my heart to let God be the center of my life - to praise God always, to Serve Him and to keep Him in my sight.

Mass was followed by a delicious meal followed with entertainment.  It just made for a very PERFECT DAY!   I know that I shall always cherish it in my heart.  Join me in thanking God for these 60 years and please do remember me in your prayers.

Gratefully, Sister Theresia

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