Sr. Teresa Bich Huong Nguyen First Religious Profession

On October 15th, 2016 , Sister Teresa Bich Huong Nguyen professed her Vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience as a Sister  Adorer of the Precious Blood here,.in our London Monastery Chapel.

Presiding at the Mass  of Religious Profession was Most Rev. Ronald Peter Fabbro, CSB , Bishop of London,  assisted by several of our priest-friends.  In his homily Bishop Fabbro congratulated Sr Huong for persevering in her long search to know where God  was calling her.  For many years, Sr. Huong prayed and listened to know her vocation, always convinced that God had something special in mind for her.  In this she bears witness that God does indeed have a call for  each of us and we need to listen for His voice to discover it.   Sister Huong heard God calling her to leave her native land, Vietnam, and to find her way to the Precious  Blood Monastery in London, Ontario, Canada.

After pronouncing her Vows, Sister Huong received the signs of her Religious Profession ,namely: her red scapular, black veil and silver cross.   As Bishop Fabbro presented each of these to her, he said:

"Sister Huong, receive this SCAPULAR which should remind you of the Blood of Jesus Christ which you profess to honour with a special adoration.  May the remembrance of the love, with which Jesus shed His Blood, inflame you with the fire of His Love."

Sr. Huong responded: "He has loved me with all that is faithful, constant and generous.".

"Sister Huong receive this VEIL which should remind you that having cast aside all worldliness, you desire to be wholly united to Jesus Christ.."

Sr..Huong responded: "He has put a sign upon me so that I may admit no other love than His."

"Sister Huong, receive this CROSS of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May the holy relics which it contains encourage you in the struggles of life, and may these Saints  intercede for you."

Sr. Huong responded: "The Cross shall be my strength and consolation, for by it, I shall be united to my Beloved."

Sister then left the chapel to don her religious insignia and when she returned the whole Congregation burst into applause.  

We thank God for Sister Huong’s vocation and we ask His blessing upon her and upon all those who are searching to know their calling in life.

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