Sister Louise Raymond Final Vows

Our Sister Louise Raymond, formerly of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario,  made her Final Profession as a Precious Blood Sister on October 17th, 2015.  Bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro, Bishop of London, presided at the ceremony which was held at Holy Family Church.

During the ceremony, Bishop asked Sister Louise: "Are you resolved to live for God alone, in solitude and silence, in persevering prayer and willing penance, in humble work and holiness of life?"  To this question Sr. Louise gave a resounding "I Am."

After Sister pronounced her Vows, Bishop blessed the silver ring which is the symbol of her perpetual commitment and presented it to her saying: "Receive this RING as a token of your mystical alliance with the Heavenly Spouse of Virgins.  Wear it always on your finger as a pledge of the love which should bind you to Jesus."

The Superior and members of the community then expressed their welcome of Sister Louise  with a sisterly embrace . This is a sign of her definitive acceptance into the Community. This day was an important  moment for Sister Louise and our community as she  pledged  her life to God as a Precious Blood Sister forever. 

Bishop Fabbro in his homily spoke of the powerful witness that Sister Louise’s Final Profession is to the whole  Church .  He Mentioned that , after prayer and reflection Sr. Louise had realized  that she was being called by God  to give her life to Him as a Precious Blood Sister.   God has a plan for each person . We are all  called to open ourselves to His action in our  lives and to trust Him as He works out His plan for each one.


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