Sister Jeaneth Villegas Final Vows


On Saturday, May 28th, 2016, at St. Michael’s Church, London, ON, Sister Jeaneth Villegas professed her Final Vows as a Precious Blood Sister.

Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro, CSB, presided at the ceremony which was witnessed by a great congregation of people from St. Michael’s Parish and beyond.

Sister Jeaneth compared her search to find her vocation to a ‘long and winding road.’ A native of the Philippines, Sister came from a good Catholic family; and in her younger years, she had been a competitive swimmer. After attending a Catholic University in the Philippines, she then spent time working with the poor in Italy, and from there, teaching in Saudi Arabia. She eventually found her way to Canada, and ultimately, to the Precious Blood Monastery, here in London, ON. Upon her arrival at the Monastery door, Sister knew that she was "HOME." She also knew that she had found her TREASURE, and that she was ready to sell all she had to possess this TREASURE! And that is exactly what Sister did as she pronounced her Final Vows, and FOREVER pledged her heart and her love to God as a Precious Blood Sister.

Also joining our community for this happy celebration were Sister Jeaneth’s parents, Jose and Clara, and her sister, Josie, all who now reside in California, and from the Philippines, Sister’s two nieces, Julienne and Jemimah.