Mercedes Rodrigo Entrance to Postulancy

February 2, 2018, Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, was also the World Day for Consecrated Life.  On this blessed Day we joyfully welcomed Mercedes de Jesus Rodrigo from Scarborough, Ontario. In desiring to  follow Jesus, Mercedes chose this special Feast Day to present herself to the Lord and begin her dedication to Him in  Religious Life.  The brief but beautiful and meaningful ceremony of Entrance into Postulancy took place at the end of Mass the following day.  Our chaplain, Rev. Peter Keller,  blessed the white candle with a beautiful prayer in which he asked Jesus, the Light of the world, to light and guide Mercedes always. After a hymn to the Holy Spirit, Father blessed our new Postulant, praising God for choosing her to serve Him in the contemplative life.

Mercedes was born in the Philippines. She and her family migrated to Canada when she was six years of age. Through the years, as she came to know Christ Jesus more deeply, she found herself very drawn to prayer and to service of God and others.  In time, as she sought the vocation to which He was calling her to live out her Dedication to Him, she came to know and experience the contemplative way of life as lived by the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood.  After her 2-month community experience, Mercedes discerned that Jesus was drawing her to this Community.  We thank our loving God with her for this great Gift of a Vocation to the Consecrated Life and we assure you of her prayers for you each day.