Brief History of the Hamilton Monastery

When the Hamilton Monastery was opened in 1946, the name chosen for the new foundation, "Our Lady Queen of Peace" ,was of particular significance.  After the agonizing years of the Second World War, 1939 - 1945, world peace and ‘no more war’ was the hope and prayer of people throughout the world.  With help from other monasteries of our Institute for both personnel and finances, the Winnipeg Community, in response to  the invitation of Bishop Joseph Ryan of Hamilton, launched this new foundation.   Sister St. Peter O’Brien and seven companions established this new Precious Blood Community to be a contemplative presence in the Diocese of Hamilton in Ontario.

A union of Communities living the same charism was strongly encouraged by the Church in 1948 and the years following.  In this way the Communities could more effectively support one another and offer unified formation for future members.  Although founded as an independent Monastery, the Hamilton Community voted unanimously to become part of the new union which became known as the London Generalate.

Through the years many changes have taken place.  A beautiful large Monastery has been built on property provided by the Sisters of St. Joseph and adjacent to their Mother House.  It includes a health care wing for our sick and elderly sisters.  An altar bread department was enlarged in 1992.

The plan to make and distribute altar breads in Hamilton has helped our Local Communities to handle the distribution in their respective Dioceses.  With these arrangements the Sisters are able to live their contemplative life, offering themselves "on behalf of the whole human family in reparation, intercession, praise and thanksgiving"  (Constitutions Art. 4).

Hamilton Monastery

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