Brief History of Calgary Monastery


At the invitation of Bishop Francis P. Carroll to the Sisters in Edmonton, eight Sisters came to Calgary in July 1951, taking up residence in the former rectory of St. Ann’s Parish.  The first few months were very difficult.  The community learned to depend on St. Joseph for all their needs.  In time they supported themselves through the work of laundering church linens, making altar breads, and through the generosity of the priests and people of the diocese. In 1971, a regular monastery was built on property donated by the diocese. Situated on a hill in a quiet area within the Cathedral Parish, it gives the Sisters a magnificent view of both downtown Calgary and the Rocky Mountains which are 80 miles away.  Besides their life of prayer, their main works are the distribution of altar breads throughout the diocese and beyond, and their contact with their many correspondents who rely on them for prayer.  

Calgary Monastery

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