We have four English-speaking monasteries  across Canada.  These monasteries are united with a central administration in the form of a Congregation

                                          London Monastery
Our London, Ontario monastery is the Motherhouse of our Congregation as well as Formation House. It is to London, that women comes to discern their vocation and to receive at least their first three years of initial formation.  Read More

                                              Hamilton MOnastery

Our Hamilton, Ontario monastery is our largest community with 24 Sisters residing there.  This is our Health Care facility as well as the place where our altar breads are made.  Read More


                  Regina Monastery    


Our Regina, Saskatchewan monastery is a mid-sized monastery with 8 Sisters living there. Read More

                                        Calgary Monastery

Our Calgary, Alberta monastery is our smallest community with 5 Sisters.  Read More




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Sisters of the Precious Blood
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Sisters of the Precious Blood
154 Northcliffe Avenue
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Phone: 905-527-3745

Sisters of the Precious Blood
301 Ramsay Road

London, ON N6G 1N7

Phone: 519-473-2499


Sisters of the Precious Blood
2210- 25th Ave
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Phone: 306-586-2150