Sisters of the Precious Blood baking quality altar breads.The making of communion breads has been a work  undertaken by the Sisters of the Precious Blood for the Canadian Church since our Institute began over 150 years ago.

It is a work which is a substantial means of support, and at the same time, a very meaningful ministry, a way of expressing the spirituality of our Congregation, the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood.

Over the years we have constantly strived to provide good quality bread which conforms to Church guidelines. There have been many obstacles to overcome since we centralized our production with more automated equipment. The ongoing monitoring of our breads and the careful shipment of such fragile wafers is of prime importance.

We are happy to provide an updated list of products available from our Monasteries. Samples of any of these products will be sent on request. Most are produced directly at our Hamilton Monastery’s Altar Bread Department. They may be purchased directly from Hamilton, and are also available from the Precious Blood Monastery closest to you.

We are now able to provide very low gluten Altar Bread, made by the Benedictine Sisters and approved by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. To ensure that there is no contamination, these communion breads are sold only in sealed bags of 30.



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